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One of the top luxury auto manufacturers in the world, if you own an Audi chances are you know just how precision a driving experience it provides. Just as Audi continually improves and upgrades their vehicles with each new generation, it’s important that you listen to your car as well when it comes to routine maintenance programs and service schedules. At Ultimate European Repair we help drivers all throughout Tolleson and surrounding cities with high quality Audi services and repairs to help you continue to get the best out of your car.Appointment Now

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Audi, Volkswagen's luxury division, is one of the top three luxury auto manufacturers in the world. The company name is derived from the surname of its founder, August Horch. Horch means “listen” in German, and Audi is the Latin word for listen. If you own an Audi, chances are you do because you connect with their brand vision and can feel in sync with the precision experience of driving an Audi. Just as Audi has listened to every minute detail and feedback to craft a truly incredible performance vehicle, it is important as an Audi owner that you listen to your vehicle as well!

Audis have very intricate and advanced electronic systems to notify you when anything out of the ordinary comes up on your vehicle. Listen to them! Schedule an appointment immediately with us at 623-776-6126 to service your Audi today before a warning turns into a bigger problem. to service your Audi today before a warning turns into a bigger problem.

Maintain your cooling system! Audis can experience very costly cooling system repairs, especially in Arizona. Electrolysis due to degraded coolant from Arizona's extreme heat can cause the cooling system's metal components to degrade and fail; a situation that is completely avoidable by simply flushing your coolant every 3 years or 50,000 miles. Also, ONLY use the correct Audi coolant. Incorrect coolant in Audis can chemically react and form a sludge-like substance that restricts radiators and heater cores which will then need to be replaced.

Part of what makes an Audi so exhilarating to drive is the performance suspension set up present on every vehicle. The tradeoff is there are often quite a few more rubber mounts and bushings with their setups. This means these mounts and bushings can crack or tear completely and cause a loose feel, wobble, vibration, and / or tire wear. At Ultimate European, we always check the suspension system with every service.

Our Audi Repair and Services Tips

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I’m so greatful and happy with Drew and Ultimate European, Drew is honest and on point on what’s wrong with the car his prices are vary good and the quality of work he does is awesome, and if he tells you your car will be done a certain time that’s the time

El Mundo de SU

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5 Start Review

Andrew (owner & head Mech) is one of the most conscientious and thorough mechanics with whom I've ever had the pleasure to do business. His complete attention to detail explains why he so proficient at troubleshooting and diagnosing complex issues.

Loren Richard Shirk

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5 Start Review

He has shown great care and skill servicing my “Grace” a 2011 BMW X5 that has carried me and my pups safely and in great comfort, so she remains the ultimate driving machine!

Lorie Schenck

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For years the team at Ultimate European Repair have helped drivers throughout Tolleson and surrounding areas such as: If your Audi is due for service or if you have any questions regarding larger maintenance and repairs please call or visit our shop today. Our friendly staff is always here to help you take proper care of your Audi.

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