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MINI Steering Pump

Best Solution for Your MINI’s Steering Pump Failure in Tolleson

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Although MINI is one of the best, most reliable vehicle manufacturers worldwide, MINI vehicles are not immune to issues such as failure of the power steering pump. The function of the steering pump is to provide hydraulic power at varying pressures that allow the driver to steer properly at different speeds. MINI vehicles are a little different in that they have “electro-hydraulic” power steering systems. Unfortunately, the failure of the steering pump is common in MINI vehicles, especially those manufactured and sold between 2001 and 2007, as these were the first generation of the innovative power steering system.

A few ways you can identify this problem are leaking fluid, unusual noises, and difficulty when steering, especially at low speeds or when stopped at a stop sign to turn.

As this problem can result in your vehicle being dangerous to drive, it is advised that you contact a professional as soon as you notice any of the symptoms in the article below. The power steering pump works along with several other components, so a failure of this part may cause or be indicative of many other possible issues.

How to Identify a Bad or Failing Steering Pump

Identifying the issue of a bad or failing power steering pump is fairly straightforward. A common issue with the steering pump in MINI vehicles stems from the lack of an engine belt to drive the system, as would be in a traditional steering pump. MINI power steering pumps are instead powered by an electric motor. The problem was claimed to have been eliminated in 2005, but you may still see some issues arise. Below are a few warning signs to look out for.

Screeching or Squealing Noises

When turning the wheel of your vehicle, you may hear screeching, whining, or squealing noises. This could indicate either a leak of fluid from the steering pump or low fluid levels. What this means is that the steering pump is unable to provide the appropriate amount of fluid to the steering gear, causing metal components to grind against one another. If left unchecked, this will get worse and could damage the power steering system as a whole.

Difficulty Steering

This can happen in combination with the screeching noises. This is attributed to the steering pump’s inability to provide fluid at the proper pressure levels to the steering gear. This causes low responsiveness or no response at all when attempting to turn the wheel. Drivers have experienced difficulty steering when parking their vehicle or even when driving at slow speeds on mountains or hills. Because of the dangers this symptom poses, it is highly recommended to call an expert immediately.

Red or Brown Puddle Underneath Your Car

A cracked or otherwise damaged steering pump will leak a reddish-brown-tinted fluid. Unlike the potential ambiguity of a puddle of oil, this is immediately indicative of an issue with the steering pump. Have your appointment with a professional as soon as you see this. The power steering pump may need to be repaired or replaced.

Can You Drive a Car With a Bad Steering Pump?

It is strongly advised to avoid driving a vehicle that has a bad power steering pump. As previously explained, an issue with the steering pump will disrupt the distribution of hydraulic fluid throughout the system. Over time, low fluid levels or the complete loss of fluid in the system will cause serious complications and ultimately damage the entire power steering system. Pushing your vehicle too far in this condition not only poses dangers while driving but can also lead to a loss of steering entirely.

The Best Solution for a Bad Steering Pump

Our Master ASE-certified mechanics at Ultimate European Repair are the best solution for your MINI’s steering pump issues. We specialize in European vehicles, including BMW, MINI, VW, and Audi. You can rest assured that your MINI will receive high-quality service and repair and last you for several years to come.

Ultimate European Repair serves both you directly and our community as well: We proudly support Pammy’s 2nd Chance Rescue and the Semper Fi Fund. Our track record shows that no matter the issue, we’ve got your back.

Call us today for expert mechanics MINI Steering Pump Failure Fixwho care not only for your vehicle’s excellent performance but your safety while driving it. Our services can be found in the following areas: Goodyear, Buckeye, Avondale, Phoenix, and Peoria, AZ.

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