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BMW Night Vision

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Night vision is an advancement in technology that has been offered since the mid 2000’s on select BMWs but has made significant advancements for the G12 7 Series platform starting in 2016. BMW’s night vision allows detection of pedestrians and animals in complete darkness in the central information display in the center of the dashboard.

If equipped, night vision automatically comes on once the car sets off in the dark. The system has a working range of about 8 meters up to 100 meters for people, 70 meters for medium animals, and 150 meters for large animals.

Warning in the central display include an interactive image of the hazard along with colors. Colors vary depending on the proximity of the hazard: yellow is an early warning for a hazard at distance , orange for the next level, and red is an immediate warning is shown in both the CID and the instrument cluster. The Heads-Up Display also will show a red flashing person or an animal symbol.

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