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One of the most popular and revered European manufacturers in the world today, BMW has become a symbol for higher quality performance and interior comforts when it comes to your automobile. BMWs are also notorious for their specific service requirements and when properly maintained they can be extremely dependable for years to come. At Ultimate European Repair, BMWs are our expertise and we help make it easier and more affordable for drivers all throughout Tolleson and surrounding areas to take proper care of their BMW.Appointment Now

BMW Repair & Service

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We provide BMW owners with superior repair services at unbeatable prices with an unprecedented warranty when compared to the dealership. At Ultimate European Repair, BMW is our expertise. We live, eat and breathe BMW!

As Master Certified BMW technicians, we know your 1996 or newer BMW inside and out. We understand that a BMW is a considerable investment, and we want to help you take the best care of your BMW vehicle. Whether it is an oil change or a complete transmission rebuild your vehicle is treated with the same level of meticulous care and precision. Being able to depend on your vehicle is very important. And BMWs are surprisingly dependable if you take care of it! The old adage "Take care of your car and it will take care of you" is very true!

Change your oil every 5000 miles or 4 months Period. The manufacturer is NOT considering primarily the longevity of your vehicle when they recommend a 10,000 mile / 1-year oil change interval. Over time, normal vapors and blow-by gases from combustion saturate your crankcase and engine oil. This can pre-maturely cause oil seals to leak if the oil sits too long without being renewed. So while synthetic oils themselves may not break down for 10,000+ miles, oil breakdown is not the factor at play causing leaks that needs to be considered.

Change your transmission fluid every 60,000 miles and fix transmission leaks immediately. Most BMW transmission oil pans only hold 1 quart of fluid by area. That means 1 quart is low enough to start causing shifting concerns and damage. Also, while BMW specifies a "lifetime" fill, this is typically understood as 100,000 miles being the "lifetime" of the transmission itself! Transmissions in BMWs can easily make 200,000+ miles before needing major repairs if the fluid is changed out to avoid circulating worn clutch debris through the valve body, and if leaks are addressed immediately.

Listen to your vehicle - do not ignore warnings. BMWs have very intelligent safety and warning systems. Schedule an appointment as soon you get a warning instead of putting it off. Issues always worsen and become more expensive when ignored.

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5 Star Review

I’m so greatful and happy with Drew and Ultimate European, Drew is honest and on point on what’s wrong with the car his prices are vary good and the quality of work he does is awesome, and if he tells you your car will be done a certain time that’s the time

El Mundo de SU

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5 Star Review

Andrew (owner & head Mech) is one of the most conscientious and thorough mechanics with whom I've ever had the pleasure to do business. His complete attention to detail explains why he so proficient at troubleshooting and diagnosing complex issues.

Loren Richard Shirk

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5 Star Review

He has shown great care and skill servicing my “Grace” a 2011 BMW X5 that has carried me and my pups safely and in great comfort, so she remains the ultimate driving machine!

Lorie Schenck

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For years the team at Ultimate European Repair has helped drivers throughout the phoenix west valley and surrounding cities such as: When it comes to your BMW we understand that it’s a considerable investment and we want to help you protect that investment with the best care possible. Please call or visit our shop today to schedule an appointment for your BMW or to speak with one of our expert mechanics about all of our available services.

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