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What Does Sport Mode Do In My BMW?

As one of the leading European manufacturers in the world, BMW has introduced many cutting edge technological systems in recent years. These innovations are always designed with the best driver experience in mind, optimizing vehicle stability, ensuring the best handling, and, of course, the utmost safety when operating your Bimmer.

Some of those recent tech developments have been the introduction of a few different “modes.” Currently, the latest BMWs are equipped with Sport Mode, Valet Mode, and Comfort Mode. Because all of these functions are so new, sometimes it can be confusing to keep up with what system does what for your vehicle. One of those latest confusions is with the Sport Mode. When to use it? How to use the BMW sport mode? Well, look no further. We at Ultimate European Repair have got the answers for you.

What is BMW Sport Mode?

BMW sport mode is designed with the drivers who like to drive a little on the wild side in mind. After all, the BMW is a luxury vehicle with a little bit of kick to it for some occasional adventure. Comfort mode is the default to sport mode, which is meant to increase power to the engine by shortening gearshift time in the transmission, effectively enabling the vehicle to shift up into higher speeds quicker.

This can be controlled through the Driving Dynamics Control feature which makes available to you 4 different customized driving modes to choose from including Comfort Mode, Eco Mode, Sport Mode, and Sport+ Mode. Not all vehicles come equipped with Sport+ Mode, however, and probably for the best. This mode pushes even more power into the engine – not everyone is suited to handle that!

What Does BMW Sport Mode Do?

The way that sport mode provides higher power to your vehicle is by adjusting the drivetrain and chassis settings to a “sportier” drive mode. The effects of this are the following:

As you can see, sport mode is designed with your time, safety, and enjoyment in mind. Not only does this mode provide the power to drive at higher speeds but also the means to maintain your vehicle’s functionality while doing so.

How to Use BMW Sport Mode

These modes are meant to tailor the performance of your vehicle to your needs and comforts. When you feel that the driving conditions call for Sport Mode, or you simply want to try it out, here is what you need to do:

With Electronic Gear Shift Sport Mode

  1. Put the transmission in Drive.
  2. Pull the shifter to the left until it locks into position and DS is displayed on the digital dash.
  3. For upshifting, pull the shifter rearward. For downshifting, push the shifter forward. Gear will be displayed on the digital dash.
  4. To disengage sport mode, simply push the shifter back to the right to Drive.

With eDrive Sport Mode

  1. Locate the “Sport Mode” button on the BMW Driving Experience control switch. Select this button.
  2. On the display screen, you will see the details of Sport Mode presented.

Call Ultimate European Repair for Any Problems With BMW Sport Mode

As it is a relatively new development, you may find issues with your BMW’s sport mode on occasion. Although we hope this isn’t the case, our expert BMW mechanics at Ultimate European Repair are ready to assist if the need arises.

Electrical or tech-based issues have been known to arise in many different vehicles, Bimmers included, so be sure to keep your drive safe and fun by getting it looked at regularly with routine maintenance and addressing any potentially serious issues as soon as possible. At Ultimate European Repair, we provide specialized high-quality service to European vehicles including BMW, Mini, VW, Audi, and more.

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