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At Ultimate European Repair, we truly are passionate about BMW vehicles and believe they are indeed the best driving machines. Part of our unique culture includes hours of specialized training to learn and understand all the latest technologies that are built into your BMW. There are many features that you may not know exist on your BMW. Read our blogs HERE to learn more about these features or sign up for our monthly e-newsletter at the bottom of the page.

BMW Lighting Engineering


BMWs have many subtle features that are part of the design of the vehicle lighting systems that many owners are unaware of. The approach to subtly integrate purpose into the very nature of the vehicle’s design and engineering, without feeling the need to make every feat a selling point, is truly what makes a BMW the ultimate driving machine. Did you know, historically all BMWs have red/orange backlighting in the interior because it is the easiest color for your eyes to see at night?

BMWs also have a headlight aiming level sensor on the front control arm so the headlight automatically adjusts up and down over bumps to avoid blinding oncoming traffic. BMWs used daytime running lights years before they were mandated as standard equipment, and have used rain/light sensors to automatically turn the headlights and wipers ON or OFF since as early as 1996! Other manufactuers are currently advertising this feature on new cars on some commercials as if it is new technology! While halogen is still the most common headlight and taillight bulb system, BMW has experimented with all sorts of headlight and taillight options from Neon, Xenon, LEDs, and some BMW M motorsport vehicles even have organic LED tail lights.

We hope you’ve learned something interesting from this month’s blog and as always, if you believe you are experiecing a malfunction with any of your vehicle’s lighting systems, please contact us at 623-552-4332 or stop by at 8335 W Sherman St Suite #200 Tolleson AZ 85353.


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