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How Does BMW’s Valet Mode Work?

Modern technological advances are making the best of the driver experience and adding systems and functionality we never thought possible before. Many of these technologies are aimed at increasing the ease of driving and general vehicle operation and enhancing safety on the road. BMW is certainly a leader in not only vehicle design but cutting edge technological innovation as well.

One of the most recently introduced tech systems in the BMW is that of “valet mode.” This is a system that provides another layer of security to BMW owners who may use valet services from time to time, or simply want more protection when parking their vehicle in public spaces.

Because this technology is so new, it is understandable that many are unsure of how to use it. Look no further. Here we will provide you with a quick outline of what the BMW valet mode does and how and when to use it.

What Does Valet Mode Do?

Valet mode provides greater security for BMW owners by disabling certain functions of the vehicle. When activated, valet mode disables the interior trunk release and the same control on the key fob. This allows the driver to leave their vehicle without a worry that their vehicle may somehow be broken into and/or the trunk will be opened to gain access to valuables inside.

Many of us who have used valet services in the past may have had the passing thought of whether our belongings were safely secured and properly hidden away to avoid any temptations a staff or passerby may have. Of course, this is no insult to valet staff, but a very natural concern for your possessions. As its name suggests, this function can help to ease your fears about circumstances such as this. You can be sure that your trunk and glove box, when physically locked, will be inaccessible – both manually and with the key fob.

How to Use BMW Valet Mode

This activation switch for valet mode is positioned in the back of the glove box on the top right. On it, you will notice 3 different illustrations (left to right): one of a lock, one of the posterior end of a vehicle with a wide-open trunk, and one of an open lock. Push the switch to the left toward the illustration of the lock, and you will have successfully engaged valet mode.

Make sure that when you do this, lock the glove box with your physical key. Release the key from the left bottom side of your key fob so that there is no way for anyone to disengage valet mode.

Another way to activate your BMW’s valet mode is through the control module. This is particularly important to Bimmer’s equipped with iDrive 7. With this system, not only does valet mode protect your physical property stored in the vehicle, but it also works to protect any sensitive information you may have stored in your vehicle’s system such as personal contacts, addresses, etc.

To activate valet mode through the console, open the pull-down menu and select “Valet Parking Mode.” A PIN is required to activate valet mode, so you can either set one up now or use the one that is currently stored in the driver profile. If you wish, you can select the option to lock the tailgate along with access to personal information. Choose “Activate Now.” Now, valet mode is engaged and the display screen should read “Valet parking mode active.”

To deactivate valet parking mode through the console, simply choose your driver profile and enter your PIN.

Problems With BMW Valet Mode

One of the most common issues BMW owners face is a failure of the vehicle locking system. Luckily, this failure has only manifested in failing to unlock doors. With this new technology, perhaps we can avoid any further occurrences of such failures. However, if you are experiencing electrical or tech-based issues that are affecting the performance of your Bimmer’s valet mode or other systems, come to see our mechanics at Ultimate European Repair.

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