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BMW Engine Overheating

Check Your BMW’s Engine Cooling System in Tolleson

Post on July 8, 2020 by

The engine cooling system in your BMW is vital to the overall function of your car. When it fails, the damage done can be extensive and expensive to repair. In this article, we’re going to help you avoid this damage by teaching you to recognize the signs of malfunction and tell you where to get your cooling system checked and repaired if needed.

The Importance of the Engine Cooling System

The purpose of the cooling system in your BMW’s engine is simple: it keeps your car from overheating. This system regulates engine temperature by using coolant and prevents the damage that overheating can cause.

As your BMW reaches dangerously high temperatures, certain parts of your car suffer damage as a result. Any rubber or plastic valves, hoses, and seals will crack or melt, losing their ability to contain fluids, i.e. coolant and oil. This can cause more problems down the line that will need repairs, possibly at a higher cost than routine maintenance.

Symptoms of Engine Cooling System Failure

A failing cooling system in a BMW is a serious issue that only worsens with time. You must pay careful attention to warning signs that something is wrong so you can get your vehicle in for inspection, diagnosis, and repair immediately.

The first sign of a failing cooling system is that your BMW will overheat. This is the most obvious sign. Though your vehicle may overheat for several reasons, a failing cooling system is a likely culprit.

In addition to overheating, the presence of coolant fluid will help you diagnose the issue. Coolant fluid comes in many colors including blue, red, amber, and green. If you notice colorful, sweet-smelling fluid underneath your BMW, you may be experiencing a coolant leak, which can cause the cooling system to fail. This is likely due to cracked pipes or loose valves somewhere in the system.

Finally, a sign that your BMW’s cooling system is malfunctioning is the illumination of the check-engine light. This warning signal may illuminate for several reasons. If it illuminates in conjunction with the other symptoms, your cooling system may be what is failing.

Why Engine Cooling System Failure Occurs

A BMW’s engine cooling system fails for a few reasons. We’ve listed the most common reasons below:

  • Your cooling system is clogged, which will prevent coolant from running smoothly throughout the engine and regulating temperature.
  • Pipes or valves are broken in your cooling system, allowing coolant to leak and flow freely.
  • The water pump belt in the system is not adjusted to the right tension levels.
  • Your cooling system’s fan is not working properly. Without the fan, it is harder to regulate temperatures in your BMW while driving, which can result in overheating.
  • You have neglected your maintenance schedule. All vehicles need proper maintenance to continue running smoothly. When you go a while without inspection and servicing, you are doing your BMW a disservice and increasing the risk of small issues growing larger and causing extensive damage in the future.

How to Prevent Engine Cooling System Failure

The most proactive step to take in preventing your BMW’s engine cooling system from failing is to stick to a regular maintenance schedule. Read your driver’s manual for the exact schedule that should be followed for your particular BMW model. Have your car inspected and serviced often to avoid issues like this that may start out small from becoming disasters that cost a lot of money and time to fix.

How to Address Cooling System Failure

Having your BMW’s cooling system checked is important, especially if you suspect that it may already be malfunctioning. Foreign imports like yours require special attention to detail and expert levels of care.

Ultimate European Repair has the finest team of BMW experts in Arizona. Our qualified technicians will inspect, diagnose, and repair any issues you face using the latest diagnostic techniques to get you driving safely again in no time. Our specialists at Ultimate European Repair are also equipped to service Audi, Mini, and Volkswagen vehicles as well.

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