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Volkswagen Airbag Light Illumination

Common Faults in Volkswagen Air Bags

Post on June 21, 2020 by

If you were asked to name the safety features of your car, after seat belts, you’d probably list airbags. While the function of these crucial safety features is simple to understand, the mechanism itself is actually far more complex. Due to the intricate nature of the components, wiring, and functionality, the system which controls the airbags can develop faults. Any warning sign that your airbag is malfunctioning should never be ignored.

Upon starting your Volkswagen, the airbag light will illuminate momentarily. However, the light shouldn’t stay illuminated. If it does, then your car is warning you that the airbags have malfunctioned, and the issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible. There are many reasons why this might happen, and many are a quick fix for your mechanic to make. Let’s take a look at the faults which can cause this scenario to arise.

Airbag Recalls

Of course, all car manufacturers want their drivers to be as safe as possible when operating their vehicles, which is why there are often product recalls regarding various safety features. In 2015 VW issued a recall of over 400,000 cars because the airbags were found to develop faults. In this particular case, it was found that a failure in the clockspring within the steering system would cause the driver’s side airbag and steering wheel controls to deactivate. As a conscientious driver, it is always worth checking the website of your manufacturer for any new on recalls from time to time.

Causes of Airbag Light Illumination

There are a few culprits that may cause the illumination of the airbag light, and no matter what the cause is when faced with the sustained illumination of the airbag light, immediate attention is required for your safety. When the light illuminates, it tells the driver that the airbags may not deploy correctly in the event of an accident. Put simply, it’s not worth running this risk.

Seat Belt Switch Sensor

The seat belt sensor does as its name suggests; it detects when your seatbelt is fastened. A sensor that is on the fritz can trigger the sustained illumination of the airbag light.

Damaged Clockspring

As mentioned, the reason why VW had to recall cars in 2015 was due to a faulty clockspring that affected airbag deployment. While your VW’s clockspring is likely not inherently faulty, it can fail of its own accord over time, resulting in the airbag light illuminating.

Minor Collision

We all know that minor bumps will rarely deploy the airbags. A minor impact is often enough to trigger the crash sensors of your Volkswagen but may not deploy the airbags. These scenarios will often cause the sustained illumination of the airbag light and will need resetting.

These are some of the most common reasons for sustained airbag light illumination. However, there can be a variety of other more obscure causes, such as flooding and corrosion, which may also impact airbag function. This is why it is essential to seek professional diagnostic work when faced with this issue, as you definitely want your airbags to deploy should you ever have need of them.

Responding to Airbag Light Illumination

The airbag light shouldn’t be ignored, so when faced with the illumination of this light, you need to visit a trusted Volkswagen repair shop at your earliest convenience. That way, proper diagnostic work can be undertaken which will guarantee that the root cause is discovered and the airbag is repaired to an industry standard.

Never try to fix an airbag problem yourself. The airbags are what stops you from colliding with bone-breaking force against windows, doors, the steering column, and other vehicle components in the event of a collision. Don’t place yourself or your loved ones at risk of serious injury or death simply because you want to try to save a few bucks.

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