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We offer Uber shuttle service to your destination at no additional charge to you (within the local area). We also have a loaner vehicle available for only $30 a day with valid insurance and drivers license (21 years and older)

While we do not tow directly we partner with Sotelito Towing for the most affordable rates and dependable handling of vehicles, they can be reached at 480-410-1122

This depends entirely on your vehicle's concern! Diagnostics start at 2 hours with an appointment. For exceptional cases, plan on several days.

Of course! Think of this as paying your doctor for their time and expertise. And just like an X-ray doesn't apply towards the surgery, a diagnostic fee does not apply towards the repair. Any facility that is telling you otherwise is simply maneuvering charges into the cost of repair rather than diagnosis. Its all marketing! We like to error on the side of being upfront & honest.

You don't plan on your vehicle breaking down! And we understand that puts you in a crisis situation. Fortunately, we have a reputation for an extremely fast turnaround. However, there are other vehicles currently being repaired in the shop and we need to make sure we are giving them the same level of priority & respect as you. Get your vehicle to us as soon as it fails or give you a warning. And if it all possible, schedule an appointment for the fastest turnaround time.

Can your doctor give you a quote for a knee replacement without seeing you first and running imaging? Absolutely not! While we understand many shops will quote over the phone, it conflicts with our principles of maintaining a shop that operates on honesty and integrity, so we will need to diagnose or inspect your vehicle through the shop in order to accurately provide a result we can stand behind of what is needed to fix your vehicle.

This question indicates a lack of understanding of how highly complex modern luxury vehicles are. While it is understandable to figure an experienced shop probably has seen the issue before and may know what is wrong, every vehicle is unique. In reality, 80% of vehicles we diagnose have a completely different root cause than what the client or YouTube originally thought it would be.

We are only $125/HR for repair & service. Our diagnostics are a flat, one-time, fee dependent upon your concern and start at $149. You will never get a callback days later saying we need more money for diagnosis.

Absolutely! This is the best way to approach buying a vehicle. Unfortunately, we have seen time and again a client who just bought a vehicle from someone that seemed trustworthy or even "certified" from a dealership only to find out it needs several thousand dollars of work upon being inspected. It is always cheaper to have your vehicle inspected to find out the facts, than to purchase a vehicle to find out you're in the hole.

Yes. We are an ASE certified shop, therefore, we can put in a claim with any extended warranty. If they cover a component and to what extent varies significantly, so plan on being responsible for the diagnostic charges at a minimum to find out what is needed and file a claim. From there we will provide a complete schedule of coverage and options before proceeding with any repairs.

We work exclusively on all BMW, Mini, VW, and Audi vehicles 1997 and newer. However, we do offer service on Mercedes Benz vehicles 2008 and newer for regular maintenance and repair. If a concern ends up needing a complex diagnosis or tear-down for Mercedes-Benz, we only trust the experts at The Benz Shop in central Phoenix: 480-251-5419

We certainly wish we could! Unfortunately, all recalls regardless of vehicle brand are exclusively
performed at the dealership of your specific vehicle brand.

We do not get involved with any performance or aftermarket parts or repairs. We provide an unprecedented 3 years/60,000-mile warranty on all of our repairs because we only use OEM, original factory manufacturer parts.

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