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BMW Gear Shifting Issues

Having Issues With Your BMW Transmission? Come to the Best in Tolleson

Post on January 26, 2020 by

BMW is well-known for its excellent motoring innovations that provide high-quality driving experiences to drivers worldwide. This is why purchasing a BMW is an intelligent investment, but if you fail to keep up with routine care, maintenance, and servicing, BMW drivers will start to experience issues with their cars. Without the correct care, and sometimes only with time and use, BMW vehicles are known to develop transmission problems. When left unchecked these can be expensive to repair, which makes recognizing the tell-tale signs and symptoms important. This will allow you to take action and repair your transmission early, as it reduces the risk of more expensive damage down the road. Everyone wants to keep costs down and repair time to a minimum.

Signs and Symptoms of Transmission Issues

Check Engine Light Illumination

Your BMW has an onboard computer known as the ECU (Engine Control Unit) which is designed to detect issues which affect the performance of your car. When it detects a problem, such as with your transmission, it will send out specific error codes and trigger the engine management light (EML) to illuminate.

The check engine light should never be ignored. Some people deem this a catch-all warning system, but it can alert the driver to a whole host of problems, some minor and some severe. Therefore, when the check engine light illuminates, you should bring your BMW in to your trusted auto repair shop for inspection and diagnosis. If you let a major problem go, it could be catastrophic.

BMW Shakes or Vibrates

Probably the most worrying sign of transmission problems for drivers is the noticeable shaking or vibrating of their BMW. When it happens because of transmission failure, then the shaking will be most noticeable and feel worse when accelerating or driving fast or very slow. If you experience this worrying symptom, you need to seek the aid of a professional mechanic as soon as possible, as the problem will only get worse and can increase your risk of accidents.

Gear Shifting Issues

This issue is experienced by both manual and automatic transmission drivers and results in trouble shifting gears. This can be experienced in a variety of ways from intense jerking and shaking when changing gears to noises from your clutch or worrying noises from your BMW as a whole, slipping out of gear, or a hesitating gear box. This issue will often result in your BMW getting stuck at high or low RPM for some time, increasing the risk of stalling. Your BMW may even slip into what is known as ‘limp mode’ which is where it will no longer be driveable, and you’ll need to call a recovery vehicle. Limp mode is a safety feature of modern cars which prevents drivers from continuing to operate a vehicle that is unsafe, which in turn protects the engine.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

A fluid leak beneath your vehicle is a troubling sign that should always be investigated. In the case of transmission fluid, the droplets you’ll notice will range between bright red to reddish-brown, unlike other leaks such as oil which is a yellowish-brown and greasy to the touch. When your car is leaking fluid, it will need a thorough investigation to find the location of the leak, which may require specialist equipment both to locate and repair. When repairs have been made, the transmission fluid will need to be replaced, and your transmission system will likely need a service to rule out any issues in the imminent future. Therefore, resolving transmission leaks is best left to the experts.

Ultimate European Repair Will Help You

Ultimate European Repair is on hand BMW Transmission Fluid Filling to help the communities of Goodyear, Buckeye, Avondale, Phoenix, and Peoria, AZ with all your BMW, Mini, VW, and Audi needs. We are your local BMW specialist, and because of this, we know the ins and outs of your car as well as the unique nature of its transmission and the problems that it may encounter. We only use the latest, high-tech equipment for our repairs, ensuring our work is high-quality and the turn around is fast, meaning you can get back on the road quickly. If you want to find out more about the incredible services we offer or are looking to schedule an appointment today, then don’t hesitate to call us.

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