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How Do Your Volkswagen’s Rear Springs Get Damaged?

Post on January 9, 2020 by

Volkswagen is a symbol of exceptional automotive engineering. Many VW owners are consistently pleased by the excellent driver experience, reliable manufacturing, and classy yet sporty designs. Still, there are issues that may come up in your Volkswagen, as it is not an exception to the wear and tear that all vehicles face.

One of the issues that may arise in your Volkswagen is the failure or weakening of the rear springs. The rear springs are a part of the vehicle’s suspension system, the system responsible for supporting the weight of your car. Over time, as the vehicle is driven more and more, the rear springs are gradually worn down so much that they may deform or break.

Because the rear springs are directly related to your vehicle’s performance in the way it handles, how high it sits off the ground, the overall stability of your vehicle, and problems with the rear springs can lead to further damage to your vehicle, especially components of the undercarriage. In consideration of this, it is important that you contact a trained Volkswagen mechanic as soon as possible upon observation of any symptoms related to damage of the rear springs.

Causes of Damage to Rear Springs

Volkswagen announced that over 56,000 models manufactured between 2015 to 2019 were potentially affected by defective rear springs. Damaged rear springs are an especially dangerous issue, as they can occur even while the vehicle is in motion, causing the vehicle’s body to collapse onto the rear tires, endangering the driver, passengers, and others on the road.

Alternatively, if the body doesn’t outright collapse onto the tires, it can lower gradually and ultimately end up causing the metal to grind against itself (regarding the body and the wheel).

That said, the primary cause of damaged rear springs in Volkswagens is that of an error in manufacturing. Particularly, those models affected include:

  • 2015-2019 Golf hatchbacks
  • 2017-2019 Golf Sportwagens
  • 2019 Jetta sedans
  • 2018-2019 Tiguan SUVs

Specifically, the faulty rear coil springs cause a fracture in the suspension. However, it has been said that Volkswagen is compensating for this and dealers will repair this issue at no charge.

How to Avoid Damaging Your Rear Springs

If your vehicle is not one that has been affected by faulty manufacturing, there are a handful of driving habits that can contribute to accelerated degradation to your rear springs.

Slow Down Over Speed Bumps

You may be in a rush, but driving too fast over speed bumps is not worth the damage it may cause. At higher speeds, the force of the impact when driving over the speed bump is multiplied and can cause unnecessary stress to your suspension system. The rear springs are not designed for impacts at this speed, so be sure to slow down when approaching a speed bump to avoid any damages.

Drive on the Appropriate Road Conditions

Know your vehicle. Do not force your vehicle onto road conditions that it may not be able to handle, such as uneven terrain or offroading. The bumpiness of these types of unpaved roads could cause harm to your rear springs and entire suspension system, as your vehicle may not be designed for such driving behaviors.

It is also important to take efforts when safe to avoid potholes when possible, as one bad pothole can damage your rear springs. Additionally, when you must drive on a rough road, try to take it slow so that you don’t jar your springs more than absolutely necessary.

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* Volkswagen Car image credit goes to: bruev.

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