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MINI Repair and Services

Instantly recognizable by its diminutive dimensions and cheerful boxy shape, the MINI is an icon of British automotive ingenuity. Originally produced by the British Motor Corporation, the brand was briefly discontinued and then revived in 2002 when purchased by BMW. The modern MINI offerings include variations of convertibles and even four doors. All of which have dramatically benefited by BMW's turbocharging technology to make for a truly exhilarating acceleration people often do not expect. No matter which fun model of the MINI you drive, your MINI is a statement of style and efficiency. To keep your MINI in performing at its best, you need to have it maintained by the best.

To get the most out of your MINI, Ultimate European Repair recommends the following:

1. Be consistent with your oil changes and ONLY use OEM filters. At Ultimate European, we recommend every 4 months, period if you drive your car daily, every 6 months if you do not. This allows you to avoid carbon build up or turbocharger oil concerns on your MINI that you may commonly hear about online. Remember, there is a whole separate group of drivers out there who have always gone the extra mile on their oil change maintenance and consequently have never had those problems hence they are not writing about them online!

2. Address worn or damaged tires immediately! MINIs have very small tires meaning there is less surface area between you and the road. Picture this like a child's ability to grip a basketball with their small hands vs. a 6'7" NBA player. the NBA player has MUCH more room for error before it becomes noticeable than the child does. With small tires, everything is much more noticeable and worn tires or a developing defect needs to be addressed immediately. At Ultimate European, we do not replace tires, but we believe it is the single most important item on your vehicle as it is the only thing keeping you and your commands to the vehicle connected to the road and we are concerned about your safety. We can always inspect your tires free of charge and refer you to a tire shop and educate you more on tire maintenance.

3. Read your owners manual and get to know what the symbols and warnings in the cluster mean. Any time you get a warning for engine or temperature / cooling bring your vehicle to us immediately. If you're getting an overheating or engine temperature message, shut the vehicle off immediately when you can pull over safely and have it towed. We promise a tow bill to err on the side of safety is significantly less than an overheated cylinder head replacement. MINIs only have electric cooling fans and if they fail there is nothing moving air through your radiator. Sometimes it is only a matter of minutes having the vehicle running hot to cause major internal cylinder head damage. Don't risk it. Shut it off as soon as possible if your MINI gives an overheat warning and give us a call at 623-776-6126.

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