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Volkswagen Check Engine Light Illumination

Signs of a Defective Timing Chain in Your Volkswagen

Post on July 17, 2021 by

As the miles add up on your vehicle, so does the wear. Over time, your Volkswagen may experience issues with the timing chain. The timing chain is a part of an internal combustion engine. It synchronizes the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft, allowing the engine’s valve to open and close at the right time.

It is located in the front of the engine, attached to a set of gears and pulleys. These gears and pulleys power multiple mechanical components including the camshaft and crankshaft. For your engine to fire properly, the timing chain must be able to rotate around all gears without incident.

Common Warning Signs of Timing Chain Problems

As with any part of your vehicle, the longer it is in use the more wear is inflicted upon it. The timing chain is something that is actively used every time your Volkswagen is started and running. While the timing chain is metal and may not break easily, it eventually breaks down due to excess wear and tear. Listed below are five common warning signs of a defective timing chain in your Volkswagen:

  • Rattling engine noises: This is perhaps the most common sign among all of those that alert you to a damaged timing chain. Your engine should have a consistently smooth sound when it is running as it should. But when the timing chain becomes loose or damaged, it creates a rattle noise that can be heard in the front of the engine.
  • Engine misfire: When all parts work together harmoniously, your engine is able to run properly, ensuring your safety of getting to and from where you need to be. Over time, the timing chain can stretch out, resulting in a gear being missed upon rotation causing engine misfire. You may also notice poor performance or a lack of acceleration power from your Volkswagen.
  • Metal shavings in the oil: When conducting manufacturer-recommended oil changes, the oil and oil filter should be free of debris. As the timing chain wears small pieces can break off and make their way into the oil or oil filter. If you or your trusted mechanic notice small metal shavings in your vehicle’s oil, it is imperative to have your Volkswagen evaluated immediately, as these metal pieces can cause damage to other parts and systems.
  • Illuminated check engine light: The check engine light is a part of your Volkswagen’s electronic system. It is designed to illuminate a warning, alerting the driver to a problem. A stretched timing chain contributes to poor engine performance increasing vehicle emissions. When this happens, your vehicle’s check engine light is illuminated. It displays a code that can be read by an auto shop to determine the problem so they can advise you of the best way to proceed.
  • The engine will not start: When all parts of your engine are working together effectively, your vehicle will start when you turn the ignition key/push to start. If the timing chain is broken, the engine will not have enough compression to start. If the chain is jumping, it can cause damage to many parts within your engine bay, including pistons, valves, the engine itself, and many other components. If your vehicle will not start, a certified mechanic can determine the cause of your problem through diagnostic testing.

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