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BMW Oil Filter Gasket

Signs of Leaking from Your BMW’s Oil Filter Gasket

Post on May 6, 2020 by

BMWs are vehicles that set standards for others in their class. In order to continue to do so, each BMW owner should keep up with a set schedule of maintenance and service. This is the best way to keep your BMW at the top of its class. Even with this, there are still parts that can break or leak. One such part is the oil filter gasket. Below you will find out more information about what the oil filter gasket is and what signs to look for if there is a leak.

The Oil Filter Gasket

In order for the engine of your BMW to function at its most optimal condition, there needs to be clean oil constantly running through it. The way the oil stays clean is by being filtered. So, the oil runs through the filter and then out to the rest of the engine. The filter removes and holds all the dust particles and debris that can sometimes find its way into the oil.

Between the filter and the rest of the oil, there is the oil filter gasket. This gasket acts as a seal that separates the two parts. The gasket also keeps the clean oil flowing in the right places. If there is a leak in the oil filter gasket, the proper amount of oil will not circulate through the engine. This can lead to a larger problem for you and your BMW.

Signs of Oil Filter Gasket Leak

The first sign that will point you to a leak in your BMW’s oil filter gasket is low oil pressure. In order for the oil to properly flow through the engine, it needs to have a certain amount of pressure to it. If there is oil leaking out, the correct pressure will not be maintained. This will then lead to a lack of oil that is flowing through the engine. Without the proper amount of oil, the engine itself could be damaged because the necessary lubrication is not there. The best way to catch low oil pressure is through your dashboard. If you have noticed that the oil gauge is constantly on the lower side then you will know that there is a leak in the oil filter gasket.

Another sign that will indicate an oil filter gasket leak is oil dripping from the filter itself. This will be a large indication that there is a leak because it is something that you can see. The oil will pool underneath your BMW whenever it is stopped or parked. There are different kinds of fluids and oils that are used in your BMW so if you see a leak, it is important that you are able to identify it. If you are car savvy, then you may be able to do this on your own. If BMW mechanics is not your strength, then the best course of action would be to bring your vehicle in for servicing so a trained technician can pinpoint the origin of the leak.

One last sign that will point to a leak in the oil filter gasket is the check engine light. Your BMW’s dashboard is home to many different icons and gauges. Each indicator is an important messenger to you while driving. They tell you what is working properly and what may need professional attention. One crucial light that you should always be on the lookout for is the check engine light. If you see this light illuminated, then several things could be going on and one might be an oil leak in the filter gasket. This warning can be especially beneficial to diagnosing the problem when paired with any of the above-mentioned signs. This way, you can be almost certain that the check engine light is referring to an oil leak.

Repairing the Oil Filter Gasket

Once you have noticed that there is a leak coming from the oil filter gasket, it is time to bring your BMW into a trusted technician. Here at Ultimate European Repair, we will provide you with just that. All of our technicians constantly seek new certifications in all European vehicles, including BMW, Mini, VW, and Audi. You know they are all knowledgeable and are capable of repairing the leak in your BMW’s oil filter gasket.

It is easy to make an appointment with BMW Oil Filter Gasket Leak Check us because we are accessible from the areas of Goodyear, Buckeye, Avondale, Phoenix, and Peoria, AZ. Once you bring your BMW in for service, one of our technicians will use the latest tools and equipment to locate the exact location of the leak and repair it correctly. You will be driving away, leak-free in no time. Call us today.

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