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Volkswagen Engine Overheat

Symptoms of Coolant Temperature Sensor Failure in Your Volkswagen

Post on September 3, 2021 by

Volkswagens are world-renowned for the quality of vehicles that they produce. Even today, people that have been long-time Volkswagen owners will usually buy another one. They have found that the quality of a Volkswagen model outweighs the problems common to the brand.

One of the issues that Volkswagens have are with its coolant temperature sensor system. At times, the coolant system has failed and caused significant damage to a Volkswagen’s engine and cooling system.

The engine coolant system in all cars serves a purpose. As the vehicle runs, coolant circulates through the engine and prevents overheating. Read ahead to see what the ECT system looks like in a Volkswagen.

The Function of The Engine Coolant Sensor

The Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor is directly responsible for monitoring the temperature of your Volkswagen. The information that it gathers effects:

  • the delivery of fuel throughout the vehicle
  • the timing of the ignition
  • the overall performance of the engine

The ECT sensor is usually attached to the engine block or cylinder head. It is attached here because it is near the hottest flow of coolant to get the most accurate reading in the engine. Take note that more than one coolant temperature sensor is installed. They are placed in different locations within the vehicle’s engine.

The sensor has leads that are submerged in the coolant, and then they send the data that it collects to the engine’s computer. These sensors allow your car to know if it is running too hot or too cold.

Symptoms of Coolant Temperature Failure

As with any potential engine failure in your car, you have to be able to recognize what it looks like when your ECT fails. Knowing the signs of failure could save you a great deal of money if something catastrophic happens to your engine.

  • Your Gas Mileage Can Suffer: When you first start your car, fuel runs through the engine. The computer then uses the information that it receives from the coolant temperature sensor. Once the engine heats up, the oxygen sensors gather the data, and it is saved on the computer.
  • The Engine May Run Poorly: If the ECT is not running efficiently, the engine will not run well as a result. A deficient ECT is a sign that something is up with your vehicle.
  • Your Engine Can Overheat: If your ECT sensor is not running correctly, the sensor will not receive the engine’s information to keep it running smoothly. As a warning, if your Volkswagen ever overheats while you are in motion, pull over immediately, as you could be doing significant damage to your engine if you continue to let the engine run.
  • Your Engine Stalls: Even with today’s advanced technology, an engine still takes a while to heat up, and as a result, it needs more fuel to idle smoothly. If the ECT doesn’t know when to send the extra fuel, the engine can stall.
  • Increased Emissions: Due to the malfunctioning ECT, your engine will think that it is cold, and as a result, it will add extra fuel. Adding additional fuel is not suitable for the engine because it causes the engine to run rich, leading to higher emissions.
  • Your Engine May Emit Black Smoke: If your engine gets too much fuel, it will be burned in the exhaust, leading to black smoke coming out of the tailpipe.
  • The Check Engine Light Can Illuminate: If your check engine light comes on for any reason, it is time to bring it to the shop. A check engine light can signal a severe problem. Your mechanic will be able to determine whether the issue is serious.

Ultimate European Auto Repair for Repair of Your ECT Sensor

At Ultimate European Auto Repair, our technicians are trained to properly diagnose any issue they find and then discuss their findings with you. We offer a wide range of affordable services to all types of foreign vehicles, including your Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, and Mini.

Ultimate European Auto Repair services Volkswagen ECT Sensor Repair customers in Goodyear, Buckeye, Avondale, Phoenix, and Peoria, Arizona, to make your car repairs a simple endeavor. If your Volkswagen requires diagnostic testing and repair, please do not hesitate to either call us at (623) 776-6126 or schedule an appointment online.

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