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Audi Loose Timing Chain

Tolleson’s Best Garage to Repair an Audi’s Loose Timing Chain

Post on April 3, 2020 by

Your Audi is unique and you know that it requires a set schedule of maintenance and upkeep in order to maintain this standard. One integral part of your Audi’s engine that you should always be mindful of is the timing chain.

The timing chain is located at the front of the motor and is connected to a series of gears and pulleys. In order for your engine to properly fire and turn on, the timing chain needs to have a seamless rotation. Below, you will find more information about what to look for if the timing chain has come loose.

Metal Shavings in the Oil

The timing chain is a part that is constantly in motion as the engine is on. The longer the timing chain has been in operation, the more worn down it will get by the heat of the engine. The heat of the engine is supplemented by oil that flows throughout the engine. So the older the oil, the more likely it is to separate and become more susceptible to heat.

With the hot engine and the hot oil, the timing chain has the chance to become overheated. This will cause metal slivers to come off of the timing chain. These metal slivers will get cause up in the oil and make its way to the oil pan. This is not something that you may be immediately aware of because of the nature of the contained oil. However, when you bring your Audi in for an oil change, the mechanic will be the one to tell you about the metal in the oil pan. This will be the initial indicator that there is an issue with the timing chain.

Engine Misfires and Rattling

Another sign that will point to a loose timing chain in your Audi is engine misfire. In order for the engine to function properly, the timing chain needs to be wrapped around all the correct parts and gears. This way, all these separate parts are able to work together to start the engine when you tell it to.

If the timing chain is loose, there will be some parts under the hood that will have a faulty connection. This can lead to engine misfires because steps were skipped due to the lack of connection that the timing chain creates. Now the loose timing chain has caused a lack of calibration in the engine of your Audi, which can lead to larger engine problems. It is best to have your Audi serviced right away if engine misfires occur.

If everything is functioning properly in the engine of your Audi, while you are idling, a smooth humming sound will be produced. If you are idle and you hear rattling, this is an indicator that there is something wrong in the engine. The likelihood is that the timing chain has come loose and is causing rattling and vibrations to occur. These sounds should be addressed because the timing chain could go from loose to completely broken. With a broken timing chain trying to make its way through your Audi engine, all the other parts are at risk for catastrophic damage and a costly engine overhaul bill.

Illuminated Check Engine Light

Your Audi contains many sensors that are monitored by a computer. This computer will communicate with you through the dashboard. The dashboard has all the alert icons and important gauges that you look at every day. So if the timing chain is loose, a sensor is going to pick up on that and report it to you by illuminating that check engine light. Even though this icon is a general one that many consider to be vague and easily ignored, when coupled with any of the above-mentioned signs, you will now have a good indication that the check engine light is referring to a loose timing chain.

Repairing a Loose Timing Chain

You want your Audi to continue to give you a smooth ride with no problems. When it comes to the timing chain, you should bring your Audi into a trusted repair shop that will properly diagnose and repair it quickly and efficiently.

At Ultimate European Repair, we ensure that Audi Loose Timing Chain Repair all of our technicians are properly certified in BMW, Mini, VW, and Audi and know how to effectively repair your vehicle’s loose timing chain. We are easily accessible from the areas of Goodyear, Buckeye, Avondale, Phoenix, and Peoria, AZ, so make an appointment with us today. We look forward to servicing your Audi for years to come.

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