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Corroded Audi Battery

Unseen Electrical Snags That Can Arise in Your Audi

Post on November 6, 2019 by

The Audi brand combines a powerful engine with an elegant exterior design to create a precision driving experience. Audis are innovative and equipped with cutting-edge technology. If you own an Audi, you will want to get the best out of your car for years to come. To do so you must stay current on regular maintenance. But even if you treat your car with the best service, they are still prone to some common electrical problems. Let’s take a look at those in the article below.

Common Electrical Problems

If you own an Audi or are considering purchasing one, you will want to make sure that it isn’t experiencing any of the following electrical issues.

Power Window Motor Failure

The most common electrical problem seen in an Audi is a failed power window motor. This issue usually happens on the driver’s side first. Typically, drivers use their windows more often, so the motor wears out quicker. When it fails, you may not be able to open or close your window. The window may be stuck part way down. This failure is an inconvenience and can be easily fixed by a mechanic. To solve the problem, the motor that is located inside the door panel needs to be replaced.

Brake Lights Stay On

Another common issue is a faulty brake switch. When this part fails, your brake lights will either remain lit or won’t come on at all. This is a quick repair that can often be completed in less than half an hour by your trusted Audi mechanic.

Dead Display

When your display screen stops working, you can be in trouble as a driver. This display is there to provide you with pertinent information about your vehicle. In some instances, your display may be very dim or it may stop working completely. If you are experiencing any issues with your display screen, take your Audi to a certified mechanic who can troubleshoot the problem.

Controls Won’t Work

The MMI unit which controls items such as the navigation system and radio is located under your center console. This is the same area where your cup holders are found. It is very common for drivers and passengers to spill their drinks and damage components. If you use these cup holders, be extra careful. Make sure that all beverages have tight lids.

Other Causes of Electrical Issues

Components often fail and cause problems, but those aren’t the only things that cause trouble. 2 other issues can lead to electrical issues that may be hard to pinpoint.


Poor battery health and improper installation can lead to strange electrical occurrences. Have your battery inspected regularly to make sure that is holding a proper charge and always have a professional install your battery. This way, you can be certain that is has been done correctly. Terminals that are corroded or rusted can also cause problems.


Over time, cables and wiring can wear out or become loose. Many of the cables in your car should be replaced under regular maintenance. Allow your mechanic to inspect cables and wiring to make sure that they are tight and in good shape.

We Will Help

Electrical issues are common in Audis. Car maintenance is critical in keeping your Audi in good working condition, but some things are not visible, such as the window motor. If you begin experiencing any electrical issues, it is important to hire a certified electrician who you know you can trust. Most issues can be easily and quickly resolved. Our certified technicians can troubleshoot your issue and get you back on the road safely. You don’t have to take your Audi to a dealership for service. We can do the same work at a fraction of the cost.

At Ultimate European Repair, we specialize in Audi vehicles. Our technicians know these systems inside and out. Don’t hire an untrained mechanic to take care of your Audi’s issues. We will fix them quickly so that you can get out and enjoy your Audi safely on the road.

If you are in the Goodyear, Buckeye, Audi Wiring Issue Fix Avondale, Phoenix, or Peoria, AZ areas, give Ultimate European Repair a call. Whether you are having electrical issues or need regular maintenance, we are here to help you. You can reach us at 623-776-6126.

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