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Volkswagen ABS Warning Light

Warning Signs of a Failing ABS Control Module in Your Volkswagen

Post on March 8, 2021 by

Before the advent of Anti-Lock Braking Systems, also known as your Volkswagens ABS, accidents caused by brakes locking up during braking contributed to thousands of motor vehicle accidents each year. The Volkswagen brand has taken its ABS to a higher level over the years with superior engineering. The advanced system allows for better stopping power in your Volkswagen during an emergency stop.

After a time, a component such as the ABS control module can malfunction and cause issues. Let’s look at the signs of a failing ABS control module in your Volkswagen and what to do if it occurs.

Purpose of an ABS Control Module

The ABS control module added an electronically controlled system to your Volkswagen to signal and receive your braking system feedback. Once you press on your brakes, the module receives the signal and automatically adjusts the amount of pressure on the system to allow you to stop yet still enable the wheels to turn without locking up. Keeping control of your Volkswagen and out of a skid is essential. The module also monitors your ABS for problems and notifies you when one happens.

Signs Your ABS Control Module Fails

A failing ABS control module will appear under a few different noticeable signs. Below are what can happen if experiencing an ABS control module failure.

  • Lack of or Heavy Pressure on Brake Pedal: With the ABS control module controlling your ABS, it determines how much hydraulic pressure your brake system needs to function adequately. When a malfunction in the control module occurs, it may signal your braking system to use more or less pressure than what is required. This will show itself in a pedal that is either too hard or too soft when pressed.
  • ABS Light Illuminates: Your Volkswagen’s ABS control module monitors your system for anomalies. When a failure occurs within the system, an ABS warning light will illuminate on your dash. When this occurs, seeking diagnostic testing is of the utmost importance as a properly working ABS helps you prevent accidents.
  • Locked Brakes: When pressing down hard on your Volkswagen’s brake pedal, you should feel a pulsating sensation through the pedal with your foot. This is the ABS keeping the brakes from locking and causing your car to skid. If the ABS control module malfunctions, the ABS may not work, and your brakes will lock.

What to Do If Your ABS Control Module Fails

The failure of your ABS control module will not prevent your Volkswagen from running. In fact, it will not even fail an inspection in most states. This is because your car will still stop without a functioning ABS. However, it will allow the car to go into a skid, which is dangerous when avoiding an accident on the roadway.

So what happens when your ABS control module fails? Take your Volkswagen to a qualified Volkswagen service center to have the system diagnostically tested to find the root cause. The Volkswagen ABS’s technological advancements do not allow for just any mechanic shop to troubleshoot and repair when a problem arises. If looking for an alternative to an expensive dealership service center, use another that meets Volkswagen’s technical requirements.

The shop you choose needs to have certified technicians with years of experience working on Volkswagen’s highly engineered systems. Also, ensure any service center you choose has the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic scanning system to dig into the root cause of your Volkswagen’s ABS control module failure.

Ultimate European Repair: Your Volkswagen Experts of Arizona

If you live in Arizona and believe Volkswagen ABS Module Check you are experiencing issues with your Volkswagen’s ABS control module, bring your vehicle to us at Ultimate European Repair. Our service center serves the Goodyear, Buckeye, Avondale, Phoenix, and Peoria, AZ area. Our ASE certified and trained team are experts when it comes to your VW, BMW, Mini, Audi, or other high-end European import models.

Having us place your Volkswagen on a service plan that monitors your ABS and other essential systems on your vehicle, our experts can help prevent surprise repairs and keep you from being stranded on the road with a breakdown. Contact us today to have your Volkswagen or other vehicle evaluated for one of our service plans.

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