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Volkswagen Broken Window Regulator

What Causes a Broken Window Regulator in a Volkswagen?

Post on March 17, 2020 by

The window regulator is a component of your Volkswagen that is easily overlooked. Most of us simply expect our windows to operate on demand, but as with all mechanisms, they can break down through failure or natural wear over time.

The window regulator raises or lowers the window when you press the corresponding buttons on the vehicle door. Without its proper function, drive-thru windows for food or paying tolls can become a hassle, not to mention you’ll be missing out on fresh air during your drive! Window regulator malfunction is also a safety issue, in the very rare chance you need to exit your vehicle through the window or quickly remove smoke from your cabin.

Below, you will find information as to possible causes of window regulator breakdown and common signs that point to this impending failure.

Causes Behind a Broken Window Regulator

A common cause of a broken window regulator is cable detachment. In order for the window to move smoothly up and down, a cable is required to provide this movement. The cable is part of a pulley system of the window regulator. The pulley is mainly at work when the window of your Volkswagen needs to be raised. This important cable has the potential to wear down or snap with age and frequency of use. If your window will not raise on demand, your pulley and cable system may be the cause.

Another common cause of window regulator malfunction is cold weather. If you live in an area where the temperature can reach 32 degrees or below, then your window and window regulator are susceptible to freezing up. Once the window has frozen, there is a strong possibility that it will become disconnected from the regulator. When the window is disconnected, the regulator will have to work twice as hard in order to move the window on demand. When the window regulator is working double time to move a seized window, the components are going to wear down at a quicker rate. This can lead to the regulator overheating, components snapping, and the unit itself no longer functioning properly.

Signs of a Broken Window Regulator

The first sign that will point to a broken window regulator is that it requires multiple presses of the button for the window to respond to your command. In all Volkswagen vehicles, when the window button is pressed, the response should be instant. If the window is not responding on the first try, then there may be an issue with the regulator or a part associated with it. This will need an inspection and diagnostic testing to find the malfunctioning part for replacement.

You may also notice clicking noises that occur when the window is rolling up or down. The regulator operation should not necessarily be heard when it is in motion. If there are clicking noises coming from the window or door, this could point to debris that is stuck between the window and the regulator. This debris can accelerate the rate in which the regulator wears down or the parts snap and break. Your Volkswagen specialist can assess the issue and make the proper repairs quickly to get your window regulator back to a fully-functioning condition.

Repairing a Broken Window Regulator

In order to keep you and your passengers safe and comfortable while you drive your Volkswagen, you will want to have the window regulator repaired as soon as you become aware of a potential issue. Bring your car into Ultimate European Repair and allow our expert technicians to inspect and diagnose your window regulator problems. Our expertise is with multiple high-performance brands such as BMW, MINI, VW, and Audi.

Ultimate European Repair is easily Volkswagen Broken Window Regulator Fix accessible to the communities of Goodyear, Buckeye, Avondale, Phoenix, and Peoria, AZ. We pair exceptional business services with friendly staff to exceed our customers’ expectations, and we want to build a trusted working relationship with all of our customers. If you suspect that your window regulator is beginning to have issues or you are in immediate need of assistance, please give us a call today to schedule an appointment for quick and affordable repairs. We look forward to meeting you.

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