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Audi Axle Joint Inspection

Where to Take Your Audi in Tolleson to Deal with Axle Joint Problems

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Audis are renowned for being sleek, powerful vehicles, but much of that power comes from a component that’s fairly prone to malfunctions: the axle joint. Because your Audi’s axle joints play a key role in transferring energy from its transmission to its wheels, axle joint failure can have dangerous consequences for you and your vehicle. To help you avoid this, here is everything you need to know about your vehicle’s axle joints, including how they work and how you can prevent them from failing.

How the Axle Joint Works

As the name suggests, axle joints are small joints that rest at the end of each of your vehicle’s axles. These components are frequently referred to as constant velocity or CV joints. They work with the axles to transfer energy from the transmission to the wheels. Additionally, they guide the wheels over and around bumps in the road and ensure that the wheels turn at a consistent speed no matter their operating angle. Overall, the axle joints are just as important as your vehicle’s suspension when it comes to making sure that your Audi handles smoothly.

Causes of Axle Joint Issues

Due to the nature of your Audi’s design, your vehicle’s axle joints are regularly exposed to a great deal of pressure. Over time, this may cause the joints to crack and break. To prevent this from happening, experts recommend having your vehicle’s CV joints examined every 100,000 miles. Although your vehicle’s axle joints will likely last far longer than this, and may even last for the entire lifetime of your car, it is best to double-check their status during maintenance. The earlier a problem is identified, the easier it is to fix.

Whereas joint failure in and of itself is relatively rare, CV boot failure is far more common. The CV boot is a small rubber component filled with grease that fits over the axle joint to keep it lubricated. As the boot ages, it may crack or tear, allowing grease to leak out and drying up the axle joint. This may happen at any time, but is especially likely to occur if the boot is exposed to dirt and debris. Regardless, CV boot failure greatly increases the chances of an axle joint malfunction. As such, you should regularly have your vehicle’s CV boots examined by an experienced mechanic.

Diagnosing Axle Joint Malfunctions

Because your Audi’s axle joints play such an important role in its handling, axle joint failure is fairly easy to diagnose.

  • Clicking: Often, one of the first signs of a malfunctioning axle joint is clicking noises when your vehicle turns or accelerates. These noises may be accompanied by difficulty steering and typically indicate that your vehicle’s CV joints have started to loosen. Therefore, if you notice that your Audi’s wheels seem to click whenever it turns, you should take your vehicle to a professional technician as soon as possible.
  • Leaks: Another common symptom of axle joint failure is grease on your vehicle’s tires. As previously mentioned, your Audi’s CV boots are designed to keep the axle joints protected and lubricated with grease. However, if one of these boots develops a tear, grease may leak out and splash onto the nearby tire. If this happens, CV joint failure is likely not far behind.
  • Vibrations: Finally, a third potential symptom of axle joint failure is excessive vibrations while driving. When axle joints start to become worn out, they may struggle to maintain their position while turning, which will cause the wheels to bounce and jolt. Not only does this make driving very uncomfortable, but it can also be very dangerous, as the vibrations may interfere with other systems in your vehicle. Although excessive vibrations while driving may be indicative of other issues, such as suspension failure, they are almost a sign that something is seriously wrong with your vehicle.

We are Here to Help

Whether your Audi’s axle joints are completely malfunctioning or just in need of a routine check-up, Ultimate European Repair is here to help. For years, our master certified ASE technicians gladly offered exemplary service to customers in Goodyear, Buckeye, Avondale, Phoenix, and Peoria, AZ.

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